One of the most exciting photographers on the rise in an intensely competitive industry, Blake Ballard has had a crucial hand in developing many of the most sought after talent in the modeling arena. With a diverse portfolio and multiple magazine covers behind him, Blake always pushes the envelope creatively and consistently produces engaging images in collaboration with top agencies and talent.  A former model himself, Blake is adept at providing constructive direction to models to help them excel not only in front of his camera, but in future endeavors as well. He provides insight, and instills confidence to help talent grow and flourish in front of the lens

Blake was the first photographer that I shot with when I joined GTM. I was very nervous to do my first shoot but luckily I was paired with Blake. He instantly got me out of my shell and made me feel so natural. He is absolutely fantastic when it comes to making a model feel comfortable. He is easily one of the most easy going people I’ve ever met. However, don’t let the fun loving guy distract from how great his work is. He is so detailed and meticulous and it really shows. He is such a stand up guy and never disappoints. I always walk away from Blake happy and also with some amazing shots.
— Austin Sikora - GTM, Soul Artist Management NYC, MC2 MIA
I met Blake after seeing some images he shot on a friend of mine. After 5 minutes of meeting Blake I felt like I’ve known him for years, which makes working together a breeze. When shooting together it felt like our excitement and energy were bouncing off each other and we kept feeding off the images popping up on his screen because both our visions were coming to life and it only encouraged us to keep rolling out look after look. His decisiveness on lighting, angles and styling allow him to shoot each look within a few short minutes, leaving the atmosphere of the shoot feeling new and fresh from look to look. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Blake three times and our shoot yielded more than three publications. That’s a true sign of a talented photographer. I look forward to seeing Blake’s growth in the fashion and photography world and I even more so look forward to being a part in it!
— Don Hood - Wilhelmina NYC, Next London, D Management MILAN, Bravo JAPAN, The Dragonfly Agency DALLAS, Spin HAMBURG, Bang MEXICO
I’ve had the pleasure to shoot with Blake three times. Blake was actually one of the first photographers I’d ever shot with. His direction from the start has been so beneficial toward my career, and I’ve used so many of his tips to better myself as a model. The chemistry between him and the model creates a feeling of friendship and comfortability that every model and photographer should have.
— Jacob Dooley - GTM, Next MIA, DT LA